The above-mentioned categories are some categories which involve a huge amount of money and it also act as a deferred revenue expenditure. Therefore it becomes necessary for one to process in which brand they should invest. Video reviews here play a vital role as they tell all the necessary and minute details which everyone looks for. Investing a huge amount is a big decision and every one enquires a lot. Video reviews now being available on platforms serves as a great help to many people.


There are many companies / brands that are selling various electronic products that are similar and can be used as substitutes and hence it becomes necessary for people to decide from where they should buy. These are big decisions because they involve a big amount of money and the product is also used for a long period of time. To make the future comfortable everyone would want to buy a good quality product that can last for a long period of time.


In today's world, it has become important to own a car. Automobiles play a vital role in everyone's life. They can travel if they have a personal car. Some people buy it to flex in front of other people. But again,investing in automobiles is a very big decision and one must think strategically. There are many factors that matter such as mileage, functions,ground clearance and many more. Single brands offer many varieties of cars and there are also a number of companies which manufacture them. There are wide range of products, and one must plan accordingly for a better future


This is the biggest decision of all. The quality of living depends upon this decision. There are many things that matter such as the area of the house , location ,facilities available and many more. One should be 100% sure where they should invest because it is a life long decision. Also new properties are being built regularly, therefore one should not invest if they find any flaw. If video reviews are available, it will save time, and the whole family can discuss what should be done further.


Video reviews can be helpful depending upon the content they are providing and most importantly by whom it is provided. Let us talk more in detail.


--Video reviews tell all the details about the product starting from their functions to pricing and many more. While watching reviews of various brands. It becomes easy for people to compare a single product of different brands while sitting at home. This is the easiest way one can ever find .

On the other hand, if we notice we see that such videos are only provided by Technical people. Such people are paid a certain amount so that they can bring new customers by manipulating them . We can't find videos of customers who purchased the product for their personal use.


-- Automobiles is a huge industry and therefore more confusion arises because there are a number of factors that affect it .

Watching reviews of all varieties of cars helps the person to compare and plan to purchase accordingly. So if video reviews are present, it serves as a great help to millions of people.

On the other hand, while searching the reviews we find that only Expert reviews are available. There is a huge shortage of actual customer reviews. Experts only talk about the positive things while buyers tell every minute detail whether it is positive or negative. They give authentic reviews while we can't rely on expert reviews.


--Positive reviews are most important in the real estate category . One should not make such a decision in a hurry because this decision will affect your whole life. If video reviews are available on platforms, it will serve as a great help to many people because it becomes difficult to take a leave from their work and look for properties but if they are available they can watch it anytime anywhere with their whole family. Their family members might also help in deciding.

But the problem is there are no reviews available of existing customers which can help people. There are no real experiences available which can help people to decide what they should do. It becomes really difficult to take such an important decision without consulting experienced people. If they take decisions independently it will look like hit and trial game .

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