Firstly, it is necessary to understand what review means. Reviews are the experiences shared by various people of the product they have consumed. People can share their experience in two ways, i.e. video reviews and text reviews. Initially there were only text reviews. But with the passage of time, video reviews started coming. Let us closely understand how they are different and how they work.

VIDEO REVIEWS - They are the experience shared by the old customers who have used a product in the form of a video. Video reviews are normally 60 sec short but tell many things.

TEXT REVIEWS - They are the experience shared by the old customers in the form of a message. The customers can write whatever they want. The text have no limit on the number of words but many keep it short and simple.

Video and text reviews are similar and different in many ways. But when it comes to choosing one of them, it becomes necessary to choose wisely. According to many, video reviews are much better and helpful than text reviews because of the following reasons :


Video reviews appear to be more authentic and genuine than text reviews. Text reviews can be rigged. Many brands write companies put fake reviews for their products just to gain publicity. A single person can write multiple text reviews.

On the other hand, it is difficult to fake a video review. If a single person tries to upload multiple video reviews, it can easily be caught . There are very less chances of video reviews to be fake.


Video reviews involve body language, real voice which becomes more interesting for people to watch. Text reviews are written messages which can be boring at a point of time, but video reviews by different people catch more attention. People find it more feasible to watch a review than to read a review.


Video reviews in comparison to text reviews are more detailed . People who write text reviews keep it very short and simple. Whereas video reviews contain more detail and help customers understand it.


Video reviews are straightforward in the sense that they contain all those points which customers usually look for. It contains the answers like quality of the product, affordability of the product, usage of the product, whether the product is easy to operate or not . All these details that customers find. Whereas text reviews are very short and lack important information.


People refer to reviews because they are the experience of people who have actually used the product. Before buying any product, a customer has many queries but hesitates to ask. Video reviews are very detailed and tell many things about the product which helps customers find solutions to their queries.

Whereas text reviews are sometimes not able to answer queries as many of them are only about the quality of the product. Apart from quality, there are many things that affect the purchasing decision. Therefore it is always better to refer to video reviews.


Video reviews are less time consuming as customers can watch video reviews while doing other work. It is very comfortable for women to watch video reviews while doing their household chores.

Whereas text reviews can not be read while doing other work. One must take some time from his/her day to day activities to read such reviews. Therefore it is advisable to watch video reviews rather than to read text reviews.

There are many platforms where consumers can find video reviews and one of them is MyRevue. MyRevue is a new platform where old customers can share their reviews, their experience with the product / service they consumed and many more things . It is one of the best, real review apps which can be trusted. It's tagline also says #belivekarnaayaar which means trust me friend. If one customer wants to share their experience with others, they can do it here for free. MyRevue is easy to operate and helpful.

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