Why should people download the MyRevue Application?

Is it amazing we can get any product or service at our fingertips with just one click? The internet became one of the power tools for every solution. From buying a car or to just buying a pin.

We love online shopping. From comparing prices to alternate products we can look for everything. After searching and searching from one homepage to another we decide on the final product. The product that looks legit to you. The picture and description give you the actual visual of what you desire. Just before adding to your cart you want to confirm the legitimacy of the product. And you go the descriptive reviews and most of the reviews say it has the best value for money. And the review sold out and you placed the order. After waiting for days you receive your order and to discover the actual product does not match the description or the quality. It happened quite often with us even buying from known websites. So, how one can know what is real and fake?

MyRevue App specialize in this kind of problem. Where products are reviewed by the customers in a 1-minute video. The customers are the real users of the product; they share their experiences while using the product. Reviewers compare and discuss the product's specific features and functionality giving their last verdict and ratings.

Through this app, one can review anything from food and gourmet products to stores and websites too. There is no limit on what you want to review but nothing offensive. The app has many cool features with a specific build category to make your search easier. Even one can search for a product/service/brand by hashtags.

Apps give a perfect opportunity for regular consumers to share their experiences and make their brand name as video reviewers. They can become a top reviewer and can earn rewards and badges. The app gives 100% exchange coins on post and action taken on the app. Reviewers can redeem the coins in the form of discounts, vouchers, free products, and loyalty programs. It’s an additional benefit that makes the app a more interesting platform to use.

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