Why people should download MyRevue app

MyRevue is India's first platform where the reviews are in the form of short videos and this platform is exclusively driven by the customers. The customers here can share their review of the products /services they used with many other people in an innovative way.


Reviews play a significant role both for the consumers and the sellers. Before buying any product, research says that 92% of customers look for reviews because they are reliable and help them to decide whether to buy the product or not. Reviews are a mode of communication for the customers to interact with the company or the brand.

On the other hand, reviews boost the company sales and improves the goodwill of the company. Reviews influence the mindset of the consumers for the product.

Also one important thing is that regiess help to identify whether the product is fake or not.


MyRevue is very easy to operate. Customers who consume any kind of service /product and wish to review can do it here. Consumers just have to record their 60 sec short video which should be a "to-the-point" video and can then upload it here . Their response here will be viewed by millions of people and it will prove to be a great help to a large number of people. Also such videos can be used by the brands to bring traffic to them.


MyRevue is a 100% genuine platform which can be trusted blindly. Sometimes consumers only find good reviews and find them real ,but it is not true. To get attention and traffic, brands and companies often indulge in unfair means. Written reviews can sometimes be rigged but personal videos have the least chances to be fake. It's a bona-fide platform where you can find authentic reviews which are original. One advantage that reviewers can get here is that they gain a million community followers.


Giving reviews is not compulsory but when a person gives a review it helps the consumers identify the product whether they are suitable for them or not. They help the customers to trust the brand and purchase from them. But there are two kinds of reviews, good and bad. Let us take a look at what difference they both can make.

GOOD REVIEW - Good reviews take place when a customer is satisfied with the service /product and they have no problem with it.

Good reviews can increase the trust of the consumers with the company /brand . It can influence the mindset of the customer about the product. It can bring many people to purchase from the same brand. It helps to increase the goodwill of the brand.

BAD REVIEW - Bad reviews take place when customers are not satisfied with the product /service. Unsatisfaction arises when the wrong product /wrong size of the product is delivered consecutive times.

Bad reviews can lose new customers and can lose the trust with the brand /company. Research also says that a bad review drive away 30 customers (approximately) which is 22%

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