Why do end-user video reviews play an important role in purchasing from online stores?

Today’s consumer is insightful. They know the present-day scenario of the online market. They aren’t fooled by text, picture reviews, or just any eWOM (electronic word of mouth). They need the genuineness of the product before buying anything online. Video reviews are the best way to prove the authenticity of a brand or product. But what video reviews should a consumer believe for honest reviews. Here, comes the end-user reviewer. The user who ultimately consumed and used the product or brand personally. And share their experience about the product. The end-user reviewer becomes a digital influencer for the consumer. Being a reviewer they need to be transparent about reviews. What to be expected from a product and whatnot. A huge responsibility lies on the shoulder of the end-user for buying brands and products online.


The end-user reviewer is the ultimate for genuine product reviews. Online reviewers build trust and connection with the consumer that text and photograph reviews are unable to build. Reviewers have an upper hand to convince the customer whether the product or brand is marked up to their value or not.

Building Brand Awareness

Digital influencers have a wide range of digital platforms to create impactful engaging content to make aware of a brand to the consumers. With their unique storytelling and content making the brands are more visible to the public eyes. By creating a positive brand message the end-user influencer can drive sales to a particular brand.

Drives buying decisions of consumers

Another vital role that an end-user reviewer plays is that can drive a consumer to buy a certain product or brand without being a salesperson. They learned effective ways to communicate with the audience. Through their storytelling, they weave the brand on a personal level for individuals. As the consumer is ultimately drawn toward the product to buy at the end of the day.

The end-user influencer plays a core role in purchasing a product or brand. Through the video reviews, the reviewer builds trust between consumer and product. To ultimately make customers from causal window shoppers to actual paying customers.

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