Reviews are the experiences of the people who have consumed the product or any service from any brand or company. There are two types of reviews available and both of them contain different kinds of information in different ways . First it is necessary to understand what text and video reviews really are:


Text reviews are written reviews by people who have consumed any product or service from any brand. They share their experience by either commenting or rating the product.


Video reviews are short recorded videos of people who want to share their experience with other people. The are about 60 second short videos yet very informative. Video reviews are very catchy.

There are some major differences between text and video reviews that anyone can easily spot. Some of them are listed below.


Customers who have purchased and used the product appear in their video reviews which gives a personal touch as body language and voice are included. Video reviews are more catchy and it influences more people.

On the other hand, text reviews are written messages by random people who can not be trusted as sometimes no photos are available.


Video reviews are more credible than text reviews as the customers who have uploaded the reviews can be contacted whereas it is not possible in the case of the text reviews . Text reviews are usually fake as they are written by the same people multiple times just to increase the reach of office people and increase the brand name of the company. Hence it is always advisable to refer to video reviews rather than text reviews.


Video reviews are more reliable than text reviews in many ways. Text reviews are sometimes fake and the person who has written it can not be contacted but not in the case of video reviews. Also, sometimes the customers show their products in their videos but images of the product are rarely shown in text reviews. When products are shown, it becomes easier to trust and rely upon.


Video reviews tell various advantages and disadvantages of the product. It also tells if the product can be used in different ways and many more details. When a proper description is given, it helps in comparing the product and finalising the product.

Whereas text reviews contain very small information about the product which can not be used in comparison.


It is easier to watch a video than reading a message . And video reviews are more preferable when it gives more details. Video reviews can be seen while doing other work. A person needs not to spare some time and needs attention. It is very comfortable for everyone to watch it.

On the other hand, it is not possible to read the text while doing other things. It needs special attention to read a message. This is one more reason why customers must prefer video reviews over text reviews

There are many advantages to video reviews than text reviews. It is easier to trust video reviews over text reviews because of the above reasons. But when it comes to choosing one of the best platforms for video reviews, it always suggests MyRevue app. It is one of the best apps which everyone prefers to use. It gives best reviews, real reviews on every product and brand . MyRevue talks about product reviews, brand reviews and also answers all the queries which people usually have. It can help the decision making of the potential customers . MyRevue tagline also says #believekarnaayaar which means you can trust us friends.

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