MyRevue is an online review platform where customers can give their reviews. It is different from other applications as MyRevue is one of India's first video review apps. Video reviews are very rare to find or when available are in a scattered way. This application will only have reviews in the form of the video and are properly arranged . People will find no problem in using the app as it is specifically designed to ease the process. The application is a complete consumer driven app where only customers can upload the review. There is no option for an intermediary to intervene and upload fake reviews. The reviews are 100% authentic and genuine. The speciality of video reviews is that it contains visual representation of the product which helps customers to believe the reviews. Till now, all the MyRevue are satisfied and happy with the working of the application. The main purpose of the application is to ease the way for customers while buying products. The application helps the consumers to get the reviews they want and get to a final decision with the help of the same.


First ,people will find both good and bad reviews depending upon the quality of the product. This is one way where customers can make sure that MyRevue is authentic. It is not possible that every product has good reviews. MyRevue app is completely driven by customers therefore it can be trusted. Here customers can find honest reviews about various products and brands.

Second , experiences shared by people mention reasons for everything they speak. It is very important to mention reasons else headings won't be helpful. For example, if a customer is telling in his videos that the products of a particular brand is affordable, he mentions what is normally the range of the products and also for which group of people it is affordable.

Third, MyRevue doesn't hire people for giving reviews. MyRevue won't gain anything by asking people to give reviews. People by themselves come forward and upload their reviews . MyRevue is a bona-fide platform which can be blindly trusted. Every customer looks for a platform where reviews are true and genuine and there is no biasness.

Fourth, reviews are given in a way that it helps customers who are planning to buy any product from any brand . The feedback solves all the basic queries which everyone probably has. This is because the feedback on MyRevue app is given by customers only and they know what customers enquire about. Also the reviews on the app are detailed so that customers can finalize their decision.

Fifth, MyRevue is beneficial for both types of customers, for the ones who have actually purchased the product and want to give the review and the people who look for feedback. Most of the people , initially look for feedback, experiences, reviews of various people who have used the product. MyRevue helps customers who are looking for such content. Also the ones who want to share their experience ,can also share their experience on MyRevue app.

Sixth, the reviews given by people in the form of videos are helpful for two kinds of people. First , who are looking for reviews or experience of people of some particular products or brands. Second, the seller, as it helps them look if their customers are facing any kind of issues with services provided by them. Also it helps the seller to upgrade their product ,if needed.

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