MyRevue is one of the upcoming platforms where people can share their reviews in the form of a video. They can record a short video of about 60 seconds and tell their experience with the product or the brand. One advantage of video reviews is that they give a personal touch that helps people to believe . It's one of the bona-fide platforms which can be blindly trusted.

This app is very easy to operate. Customers just have to record a 60 second video telling whether they liked or disliked the product or brand by giving valid reasons and other things which they might think will help the decision making of the potential customers.

When it comes to choosing MyRevue, customers might not be sure whether to choose it or not , but here are some of the reasons for choosing MyRevue. Firstly, it is completely consumer driven, hence there are no chances of manipulation. Some review websites pay random people for writing fake reviews but it is not possible on MyRevue app. Secondly, people appear on their videos, hence they can make sure that it is authentic. Another advantage of uploading video reviews is people can gain a million community followers.


First, reviews are short and straightforward. Customers usually look for short reviews because if reviews are long it would be boring. Customers usually lose interest when they find reviews are long and need time. Also, customers always look for feedback which is straight to the point. They don't like when reviews talk around.

Second, it is easy to watch . Usually reviews are written, and need attention but MyRevue is an app where reviews are in the form of videos. Videos can be seen while doing other work. But customers don't face such difficulties with video reviews. They can watch it anytime, anywhere. They can watch it while laying in bed, or watching it while having their snacks or anything. Video reviews on MyRevue app are comfortable and easy to watch.

Third, it is easy to operate. MyRevue all is just like an ordinary app and is very easy to handle. Everyone can use it without facing any difficulties. Proper instructions are given in the starting when the person installs the app and begins to use it. The MyRevue app is as simple as compared to any app.

Fourth, the MyRevue app is authentic . It is built with the aim of helping customers. The app is completely customer driven. The reviews are uploaded by customers and seen by the customers. There is no intermediary in between them. It is different from others as sometimes some platforms indulge in unfair practices and exploit their customers. While MyRevue is far away from all such things. They don't hire people to upload reviews of products and brands as they will have no benefits by doing such things. While others do such things to increase the brand name and increase the reach. My review provides the best reviews which are real and genuine.

Fifth, it is easy to look for particular brand reviews or brand reviews. MyRevue is a very simple app. The content is uploaded in a very sophisticated manner. Customers can easily find the review which they are looking for. There won't be any difficulties in finding the content. Customers can just search the reviews and they will find the results then and there. While on other platforms, it becomes difficult to find the related content. MyRevue provides both product and brand reviews. For MyRevue customer satisfaction is the utmost priority and therefore it provides all the things which can help satisfy them.

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