Video reviews are the visual representation of the products that few customers have already purchased and now wish to share their experience with millions of other people. Video reviews are very helpful as they help the potential customers judge the product from their perspective . The customer who has already bought and consumed the product explains to other people how they felt while using the product and what are the advantages of having the product or whether it is useful or not. All such information helps the potential customers to understand whether they should buy the product or not. Also a visual representation is very helpful for the customers. Reviews play a very significant role in consumers' lives as it helps them in their decision making and it also helps the customers in many ways. Some of them are written below.


Video reviews are normally 60second short videos and contain all the information which potential customers are all looking for. They mention the minute details, which helps the decision making of the customers. The information is helpful for both sellers and consumers.

Whereas text reviews contain information that is only helpful for sellers and brands. It contains one liner information such as good quality or bad quality but does not contain reasons. Another example is affordability but they don't tell the range or for which group of people it is affordable.


In the middle of the pandemic, where people prefer to buy products online in order to protect themselves, the communication decreases between customers and sellers. Sellers are not able to explain the information that is necessary to be communicated. In offline space, customers can take suggestions from sellers but the same thing is not possible on online space. Customers are sometimes not able to clear their doubts regarding the product. But video reviews help customers clarify all their doubts and take suggestions.


People will find both good and bad reviews depending upon the quality of the product. This is one way where customers can make sure that video reviews are authentic. It is not possible that every product has good reviews. Video reviews platforms are completely driven by customers therefore it can be trusted. Here customers can find honest reviews about various products and brands.


Customers who have purchased and used the product appear in their video reviews which gives a personal touch as body language and voice are included. Video reviews are more catchy and it influences more people.

On the other hand, text reviews are written messages by random people who can not be trusted as sometimes no photos are available.


Video reviews are completely biased free as it doesn't hire people for giving reviews unlike text reviews. Places where text reviews are available sometimes manipulate customers to increase reach. Multiple reviews can be written by a single person without getting caught but multiple videos can not be recorded by a single person . Because if they do so the person can be caught. Videos won't gain anything by asking people to give reviews. People by themselves come forward and upload their reviews . Platforms where video reviews are available are bona-fide platforms which can be blindly trusted. Every customer looks for a platform where reviews are true and genuine and there is no biasness.

How can video video reviews be helpful to sellers?

Video reviews are made in such a way that it can help the customers to identify the changes required in their products. Customers tell their likes and dislikes about the product which can help in identifying their needs of their customers. Also, the brands can find out if the customers are facing any problems while purchasing the product.

MyRevue app is a new platform for everyone. MyRevue can be used by people who are thinking about buying a product and also who have used the product. Even sellers can watch such reviews . MyRevue provides all the facilities to their customers they are looking for. MyRevue helps their customers solve all their queries. It provides real reviews whether it is bad or good. MyRevue is a bona-fide platform which can be trusted blindly.

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