There are a number of reviews available on hundreds of websites but none of them can be verified, specially the text reviews. Customers while purchasing products always look for feedback and there is no use of fake feedback because fake feedback doesn't fulfill the purpose of feedback. Video reviews play a significant role in customers' lives. It includes the visual representation of the product which helps the customers to judge the product on their own. Sometimes in photographs of the product, things are exaggerated but in videos, the original form of the product appears. It becomes difficult to fool the customers in video reviews and this is the reason why most of the customers prefer video reviews over text reviews.

But again video reviews are available on a number of platforms and customers face some issues finding suitable video for them. To avoid such a situation, customers should try the MyRevue application which is super easy to use and authentic as well. Customers can blindly trust the app and can purchase the products. The app is exclusively consumer driven and no intermediate is involved in between them I

i.e. the reviews are shared by the consumers and are seen by the customers. Customers just have to record a short video of about 60 seconds and tell their experience with the product or the brand. One advantage of video reviews is that they give a personal touch that helps people to believe . It's one of the bona-fide platforms.When it comes to choosing MyRevue, customers might not be sure whether to choose it or not , but here are some of the reasons for choosing MyRevue. Firstly, it is completely consumer driven, hence there are no chances of manipulation. Some review websites pay random people for writing fake reviews but it is not possible on MyRevue app. Secondly, people appear on their videos, hence they can make sure that it is authentic. Another advantage of uploading video reviews is people can gain a million community followers.

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