There are a variety of products of a single category, therefore, it becomes necessary for the consumers to opt for the best product /service that can be consumed for a long period of time without giving service to it after every short period of time. One must plan strategically so that the product can provide long term benefits and gives utmost satisfaction. Before purchasing a product, a consumer should inquire about some basic stuff so that later they can consume the benefits without facing any problems. Let us see what all things are necessary to look before buying a product:


Packing is the utmost priority of many people. Packing is the first impression of the product. Customers should always check that the packing is done in such a way that it is easier for the customer to handle. Customers should not compromise with the packaging . If the packing quality of the product is not good or average quality, it makes it lose interest of the customer . Therefore packing should be done perfectly. Because sometimes packing attracts the customer so much that it deceives the customer to but that product.

Also it becomes more feasible if the packing is easy to carry.


Another one of the most significant things which must be there on every product. If the label is not there, the customer should not buy it. Labelling is important because it contains all the details, even minute details about the product which can make the work easy for customers. Labelling contains necessary information such as,

  • How to use the product

  • Where should customers keep the product

  • Approvals by necessary departments

  • If the product is chemical free or not

  • Measurements, size, etc

  • Expiry date

  • Manufacturing date

  • Insurance number

  • Any allergies which can be caused


Price is another important factor that affects the decision of the product. The customer only pays a certain amount of money for a particular product if they think it can give them maximum satisfaction. Therefore a customer must compare the price of the product with its substitute so that they can decide if paying a particular price for the product is worth it or not . Brands /companies sometimes charge a high amount of money even when similar products are available at low price. Therefore comparison in price is very important.


Product authorization is very necessary and it should be checked before buying any product whether it is approved by its agency or not. A particular mark on the product can give surety to the customers that the product is pure and they can trust it. For example HALLMARK is necessary on gold because it makes sure that the gold is pure . It provides credibility to the product. Therefore a customer must ensure that the product is approved and is safe to use at their place.


Customers should always look for after-sale services. These are some advantages which are provided by the seller after a customer purchases a product. If this advantage is not provided by the seller ,the customer must not buy the product for that particular purpose because it will result in profits to the seller and loss to the consumer. What after sale services customers should look for :

  • Either warranty or guarantee of the product

  • Discounts

  • Future repairs

  • Details on how to operate the product.


Before buying the product customers must read and understand all the clauses of the product because there are certain things about the product which are not mentioned by the seller but are present in the clauses. It is very necessary to look at the highlighted points because they contain summarized points. Sometimes sellers also indulge in unfair practices but watching the clauses can secure you from all this.

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