Online shopping started way back in 1995 but was not very popular. With the period of time online shopping became popular and people started ordering from online stores, but still they visited offline stores. Customers always had a habit of shopping offline and used to purchase online only a few times online. It's like once in a blue moon. The offline shopping experience can never beat online shopping as online shopping helps to know a lot more things than in person.

OFFLINE SHOPPING- the offline shopping helps the shopping easier for the customer. There are a number of facilities for offline shopping. The customer can buy the product either in stores/showroom or from the street. Other than that , customers can touch the product, get various details about it directly from the sellers, get the exact product which they look at , and can decide from the other available choices.

ONLINE SHOPPING- the offline shopping provides other facilities such as home delivery, different brands in a single brand but still can’t compete with the customer’s craze of offline shopping. Online shopping can not provide the services/ facilities that offline shopping helps with. Those are some important factors that strongly affect the buying decision. The customers can only get the information which is available/provided by the seller, and the customers can sometimes get a variation in the product which they ordered. Also the customers get a limited choice while shopping online .

For example , in the category of clothes , a person who goes to offline stores can feel the texture of the cloth , can try in the changing room and give for alterations(if needed) , can see the colors , communicate with the seller and ask for various details. On the other hand, all these facilities are not available in online shopping. The person can only get the information which is written in the description box, the customer neither can communicate with the seller nor can feel the texture of the product.

One thing which can increase the online shopping experience is referring to feedback. Feedbacks not only help in online shopping but in offline shopping too. But again choosing a suitable platform for feedback is a must. MyRevue is an online shopping review brand which can help customers in getting honest reviews. The app is 100% authentic and provides video reviews which gives visual representation to the potential customers. MyRevue helps customers to refer to better and good brands. MyRevue helps customers get more details about the brand and the product. MyRevue tagline is #believekarnaayaar which means reviews can be trusted here. The reviews are genuine unlike the other websites which sometimes upload fake reviews just to gain attention.

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