There are times when customers go to the market to buy something which they need and come home buying many other things which they didn’t intend to buy earlier. It is not necessary that customers find their decision wrong , sometimes customers do find useful and affordable products. Impulsive buying can have many reasons and few of them are listed below.


There are many attractive products available in the market which are sometimes useful and sometimes only used for decoration purposes. Attractive products influence people to buy them. It is noticed that people purchase products in the spur of the moment without realizing its necessity. One of the examples is showpieces . There are many metallic /crystal showpieces in the market which are of no use but are purchased to decorate the house. This is an example of a non useful attractive product. Example of a useful attractive product is that many fancy earphones/headphones are available which serve the purpose of listening to the audio privately.

Whenever a product is attractive , it is pretty obvious that it will be costly. Sometimes customers buy the products/service without looking at the price and later regret their decision of buying the product.


Another reason for impulsive buying is that increased demand. Sometimes a product or service is hyped and customers don't even know about it because of the huge demand in the market. One of the examples is that there is an increase in the demand for dream catcher. Few of the customers know what dream catcher is meant for but purchase it because they find it with others. They don't realize the importance of the product , whether they need it or not. It is noticed that many customers regret their decision of buying the hyped product because they don’t either find the place for the product or find it useless .

According to the reports , it has been noticed that more than 50% of the times customers regret impulsive buying . Sometimes customers don’t find the purpose of the product or find it costlier or don't get enough satisfaction from the service . the list goes on. There are people who share their experience of impulsive buying telling millions of other people how they felt after that. There are sometimes feedbacks where people loved impulsive buying and bought some really useful products. But it is not possible every time. Platforms like MyRevue which are made with the purpose of uploading feedback /reviews also share such kinds of videos. Customers record a short 60 second video of themselves telling others whether they find buying impulsive or not and whether they regret their decision or not. Talking about MyRevue app , it is a reviewing app which is a customer driven app which means that it doesn't involve any intermediary and it is completely biased free. The are uploaded by customers and seen by the customers. MyRevue is a bona-fide platform where customers find real reviews. The app contains both product and brand reviews. MyRevue helps customers in decision making and answer all the questions they have.

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