Video reviews are very helpful as they help customers in their decision making. Video reviews are given by customers therefore they try to answer all the queries which one usually has and some people give suggestions which make things easier for new potential customers. Customers before investing a large amount anywhere try to look for feedback which helps to trust the service / brand. Investing in real estate is a big and major decision .This decision impacts one’s life for a very long period of time. The whole family enjoys the benefits and survives the losses of the place. Therefore one must inquire about the place , people ,nearby places , water facilities.electricity facilities, and many more before investing. Video reviews can help people in such a situation. Video reviews tell all the advantages and disadvantages of the area ,locality and everything. Video reviews are biased free and 100% authentic which can be trusted. Hence using platforms where video reviews are available before investing can prove to be a great help .

But many people might get confused , which platform should they prefer ? MyRevue is a platform which is trusted by millions of people . Customers who want to take reference from other people can take it from MyRevue app. MyRevue is a platform which is completely customer driven . Those who purchase anything can upload their experiences on the app and those who are planning to buy things can view it here. Even it is helpful for sellers , as video reviews help in understanding the difficulties faced by the consumers. It helps the sellers to identify the needs of the people and update the things which are necessary. MyRevue is considered to be the best app where real reviews are available.

Those people who want to invest in a particular area can find the reviews of the people who are already living there or the ones who have visited the area. The reviews help to decide whether it is suitable for them to invest or not . Let us see what content does video reviews contain which can help customers.


Good locality is the basic need of every person. Everyone wants to live in a sophisticated area where they are surrounded by educated and well mannered people . The standard of living of everyone in the 21st century is increasing. If the locality is not good, people don't find it useful to invest there. Video reviews help capture the visual representation of such things so that it can be easy to judge for the customer , whether they should invest or not.


Connectivity is another important aspect which customers usually look for. Connectivity to nearby states is very important as customers like to spend their leisure time on their weekends. If they find that the connectivity from their place is good, they find the investment good for them. Video reviews tell all the details about the connectivity and sometimes show the condition of roads from which people can judge without actually going there.


When customers look for a new home, they always look for metro lines available in their area. It is because many are working - middle class people who find the metro more feasible as they can avoid traffic, and reach their destination more quickly. If the metro lines are far from the place customers are investing in, they take their steps back as it is not always possible to travel by car or cabs.


In today's world, there is a high need for a high level security system because of the increased number of robbery cases. Also there is an increase in kidnapping cases, so customers find areas where are strict security and multiple camera setups. These things help customers satisfy themselves and invest in the property. Video reviews record all these things which helps the customers to judge the level of security available.

These are some basic facilities which everyone looks for before investing in an area. These are some basic stuff which satisfy customers enough to invest money in real estate . All such content is included in video reviews with the motive to help potential customers.

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