How video reviews are becoming a trend in 21st-century shopping?

The growth of digital marketing and e-commerce platform helped today’s consumers to enjoy a variety of products and brands from their comfort of home. Video shopping is becoming a favorite way to shop for the present customers. As today customers have a short span of attention, as well as COVID, hitting the global made video shopping more popular.

What is Video Shopping?

Video shopping is a medium where customers can connect with brands online through video. It gives the visible aspect of the physical store in the form of video. As customers can customize and review the product based on their preference.

How are video reviews working for customer benefits?

Before buying whatnot a customer looks up to the reviews to measure the product. What video review is better than any text or picture review? It gives the customers authenticity and a clear description of the products that they are paying for. Easy navigation and simple search made the consumers find the right product without being lost in the paid text and picture reviews.

Here are four reasons how video reviews are becoming hit.

1. The Final Decision

A dress caught your eyes. But worried if the color shown in the picture and description is the same in reality or not. A video review will be best for this. Nor will it show color it will also help the customers to visualize the whole look. Almost 96% find videos helpful when making final decisions while purchasing online.

2. Originality

Video reviews guarantee one thing for sure the originality. It shows the product and brand in a tangible form that online shopping excludes.

3. Full Shopping Customer Experience

We love it when we can physically see and feel the product. But e-commerce shopping is a bit difficult. A video can nearly give the tangibility effect of the product by describing the product thoroughly.

4. Brand Loyalty

A video review allows retailers to maintain their brand name and loyalty by keeping their customers engaged. It allows the customers to see the actual and authenticity of a product. Using the video reviews, a brand can earn lifetime loyalty and a boost in sales.

As the growth of digital marketing changes, online shopping is also changing. Both buyers and sellers are willing to change their shopping habits to meet their needs and demand in the current situation.

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