MyRevue is an online review platform which provides their customers reviews in the form of short videos. The videos are generally 60 second short. The app helps customers to identify the real brands and boycott the fake ones. The app is exclusively driven by customers i.e. if anyone wants to share their experience or wants to give their feedback, can give it here. The app provides both product and brand reviews.

MyRevue helps the customers to know which brand is suitable for which product. It helps the customer to make their purchasing decision wisely and can buy the best suitable product. The app gives a visual presentation of the product , which helps the customers to judge the product on their own. Visual representation of the product is very important as sometimes the product delivered is different from the product shown in the picture.

As the feedback on MyRevue app is authentic and biased free , it helps the customers to rely on it. There are very few review platforms, where customers can find original and new content and one of them is MyRevue app. MyRevue app helps the customers to get the fresh content and the real content whether it is bad or good . It is not always necessary that all the customers like a specific brand or a product.

The content on MyRevue app is uploaded by the brand or product customers only and they understand what information other customers want . The app helps the potential customers to get all the significant information which they usually look for and finalize their decision.

Video reviews give a personal touch to the customers which helps the customers to believe it. It is because of the reason that one person can not upload multiple reviews on the same product whereas in the case of text reviews it is possible for one person to upload multiple good reviews in different identities and increase the reach of the product or the brand. All this results in consumer exploitation, where customers buy the product and regret their decision later.

MyRevue have changed the mindset of the customers in the following ways:

  • Customers now check the feedback before buying anything.

  • Customers prefer MyRevue app for any kind of review.

  • Customers can take suggestions from MyRevue app.

  • Customers can give their feedback on the products they liked or disliked.

  • Customers can give their feedback on the brands they liked or disliked.

  • Customers can gain a million follower community just by sharing reviews.

  • Customers can refer MyRevue app to their friends and family as the content is genuine and authentic.

In other words, MyRevue has told the importance of the feedback to the people and made them realize that MyRevue is the best app which can fulfill all the needs of the customers at one place only. The customers doesn’t have to find different information at different places when they can get all of it at one place only.

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