A number of reviews are available on every website too in huge numbers. Some of them might be fake. Some opposite brands/companies upload bad reviews for their rivals so that their brand gets more recognition and they have more sales. Surviving in the market is difficult. But with the help of MyRevue application , it is possible for every brand/ company to grow and develop on their own without any biases. Customers who buy any product and wish to share the reviews for the same can do it on this application . There is no restriction on the customers. The application is completely consumer driven. No brand can sponsor ads and do anything to increase the reach. The brands will only gain recognition through the customers' reviews. All such information helps the new brands to share these responses with potential customers so that they can understand whether they should buy the product or not. Also the video reviews help new brands to understand the consumer needs and produce accordingly .

Whenever a new brand enters the market, it is not recognized by the consumers . Customers help new brands increase their reach by uploading positive kinds of reviews on necessary platforms. The potential customers are able to recognize such brands . Customers believe video reviews because it is reliable in many ways, also it gives a personal touch that helps the potential customers build their trust on the new brands.

Another thing, video reviews help brands to understand the consumer needs. It is very important to examine it in the 21st century because customers are the kings of the market. Customers purchase products which they want to purchase. No seller can force the customer to buy it.

When it comes to choosing a platform where customers can find authentic reviews about new brands, everyone prefers MyRevue app. MyRevue tells about the product, brand ,their uses, functions and many more details which are sometimes not communicated by the seller or not mentioned in the description of the product. MyRevue provides both product and brand reviews. It is one of the best reviewing app customers can trust. MyRevue helps customers to find out if the customers are facing any problems or not because a company only grows and becomes successful when they work according to the needs of the consumers. MyRevue solves all the queries of the customers.

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