MyRevue is an online review platform which helps customers to see all the feedback of all the products and brands. The app is a bona-fide platform which is completely free from any biases. There is an increase in the demand for consumer feedback due to the fact that it is easy to believe them rather than the sellers. This is because sometimes sellers indulge in consumer exploitation in order to earn more money. But consumers will gain no benefits in giving fake feedback. The platform is completely consumer driven i.e. the reviews are uploaded by the consumers and viewed by the consumers. There is no intermediary involved in between.

This app is very easy to operate. Customers just have to record a 60 second video telling whether they liked or disliked the product or brand by giving valid reasons and other things which they might think will help the decision making of the potential customers.

As the videos are made by the consumers themselves , it becomes easier to understand what other consumers are looking for. Hence the customers upload the content in a way that it proves to be helpful for everyone. The content/videos on the app are sophisticatedly organised and one can easily find the review they are looking for.

When it comes to choosing MyRevue , customers might not be sure whether to choose it or not , but here are some of the reasons for choosing MyRevue . Firstly ,it is completely consumer driven , hence there are no chances of manipulation . Some review websites pay random people for writing fake reviews but it is not possible on MyRevue app. Secondly, people appear on their videos, hence they make sure that it is authentic . Another advantage of uploading videos on MyRevue app is that people can gain millions of community followers.

The app has divided the categories in a proper manner. For example, customers who are looking for health and beauty products reviews can directly watch it without getting other product reviews. All the content is sorted so that the customers don't find any problem. The customers can easily search the product they are looking for in the product section. And for those customers who are searching for products of a specific brand can also find it.

Also as the reviews on MyRevue app is in video form, it helps the customers to get a visual representation which helps the customers to judge the product on their own. While buying online, it is not possible for customers to possess the quality of the product and other things but with the medium of MyRevue , customers are able to ensure products of good quality.

Reviews on MyRevue app helps customers to know vital details about the product such as packaging, functions, uses, and many other things. The app works in customer interest and aims to provide all help that customers usually looks for.

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