It is very important to examine the products before purchasing them,otherwise they will create problems later. To avoid future problems, customers must enquire about each and everything about the product so that it doesn't cause any problem in the product.

There are many ways in which the customers can judge the product and know whether they are suitable or not. Below are listed some of the ways :


One of the ways to judge the product is through its packaging. Packaging is the first impression of the product. If the packaging of the product is bad or of average quality, it gives a hint to the customer that the product is not of good quality. Customers should not but the product if they find the packing is broken or not packed properly they should be. Because packaging might not matter in small products but when it comes to expensive or big products, it matters a lot.


If the product is not functioning properly, customers should drop the idea of purchasing the product. There is no point in buying the product which doesn’t work properly or are not able to provide the significant ones. Customers should always check all the necessary details about the product or ask the seller about all the functions of the product.


Reviews are important because people who have used the product can tell about their experience, quality, functioning and many other things about the product. There are two types of reviews available on various platforms. One is written reviews and the other is video reviews.


Customers can find written reviews at various places, reviews can serve to be useful as it tells various details about the product which are not there in the description .But it can not be ensured whether the product is authentic or not. Many brands write fake reviews just to gain publicity and increase sales. Another way where potential customers can find authentic reviews is to refer to video reviews.


There are many ways where customers can find video reviews such as video review apps and one of them is a short MyRevue app. MyRevue app is a short video review app where customers can find genuine reviews given by actual customers who purchased the product. It provides all the product reviews and brand reviews which customers usually look for. It is believed by many that

Myrevue app gives the best reviews and authentic reviews which are very helpful.


Customers should always look for a product which can fulfill their needs for which they are buying the product. They should purchase a product which can satisfy them . There are products which are available in the market which seem to be useful but appear useless later. Therefore customers should always ask all the details of the product from the seller and enquire about it properly so that no problem arises later .


Customers should always look for the durability of the product. If the product is capable of only running for a short period of time, it is not a good idea to buy that product because a product is always purchased by a consumer when he needs that for a long purpose. If a product cannot satisfy the customer's needs, there is no purpose of buying that product.

There are many other ways through which a customer can judge a product apart from the ways that are listed above. Customers should always look before buying because they are investing their hard earned money. Also as it is always said that prevention is better than cure, this saying applies here, that it is better to enquire in the beginning rather to worry in the end.

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