How can video reviews help consumers to find the right products for their homes?

Video reviews have gained more popularity in the coming days than text and picture reviews. Now the customers do not believe in any eWOM (electronic way of mouth). They want authenticity and guarantee what they purchased is worth their money or not. A video review helps them to meet all the needs they want from the product.

How do video reviews work?

The e-commerce business like Amazon, Flipkart, and apps like YouTube, MyRevue provides the online platform to post a review on a product. The platform gives 30 to 60 seconds to make a video by describing the physical product. From its uses, features, strong points as well detailing the negative aspects. Here reviewers are genuine customers that share their product experience.

Video review gives a mental shopping list for your next purchase.

An average person watches online videos for around 6 hours and 48 minutes per week. That’s a lot of watch time and lots of videos. With so many videos we come across many products that fascinate us. They intrigued us and we searched for hours and hours to know all about the product. And after an online search, we are convinced we need that product in our home. Then the product becomes a necessity in our life than a want.

Video reviews help a customer to choose the right product.

We always want value for the money that we purchase. Either it’s a small as a pin or big as a car. Without getting a good return value of money we feel cheated. To remove the dissatisfaction of fraud and the doubt of choosing a specific brand to buy. We look up online reviews. Some reviews help to choose but it lingers on your mind whether you can trust those written reviews or not. But the video reviews remove any doubts. By showing the exact form and features of a product that accommodates your lifestyle. A survey shows around 50% of people buy a specific brand or product after watching a video review.

Video reviews in the future.

As the digital world is blooming the video review will also grow simultaneously. Video reviews are going to be a huge sales drive for brands and products in the future. As customers do not solely believe in the text reviews they will want virtual reviews of the goods to decide their final purchasing.

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