Handbags to women are like their twins. Womens can not go out without a handbag. They might carry a little one but they always do. Not only while going out, womens always maintain a handbag at home so that they can find necessary things real quick. There are some things /products which women usually keep with themselves whenever they go out to travel, shop, party etc. All such things are women's essentials. Without them they usually don't go out or purchase them in advance if old ones get broken or anything. Let us see what products are those?


First important thing every woman will carry while stepping out of home is pepper spray . It is because of the reason that there are some men who indulge in wrong practices and exploit women. Another reason is that while traveling at night there are thieves who search people to rob. At such times , pepper spray plays a big role while protecting women and guarding men. Pepper spray is not only important for women but for all.


In a world full of electronics, it becomes important for womens to keep their mobile phones active. Usually while traveling, phones get discharged and it is not possible every time to get a charging point. In this situation, power banks play a significant role. Women can charge them when they are at home, and then carry them whenever they go out.


This is an item which is significant for women is their basic make-up. Usually when women eat their shades fade away. At that time,they can use their lipsticks, so that they can get ready instantly. Also it is not only about lip-balms/lipsticks some basic makeup stuff can be carried out so that whenever a woman needs a touch up she can easily do it, without waiting. Also women when in market can easily purchase new shades ,if they know previous ones by looking at the shade numbers.


Another important product for women is sanitary napkins. It is because, when women go out on a trip or to shop they should always have one because it is not necessary they get one at the time of need. Also if one finds another one in need, they can help them .


Another product which is extremely important for women are hair combs. Womens hair are usually long and gets tangled up whenever left open, at this time they can comb their hair and prevent it from further problems.


Nail cutter is another form of defensive material which can be used in times of need. Also women's nails are normally long, and get broken easily while going out. At that time , womens can easily shape their nails and prevent them from further destruction.


Cash is another important thing while going out ,it is not only important for women but also men. Usually womens use G-pay or online paying apps but it is not always feasible to use them. It is because of the reason that one might face network issues or different issues at times. At such a time cash can help and save lives from further insults or problems. Having enough cash in the wallet is always advisable not only while going out but at home also.


In the middle of the pandemic, whenever a woman steps out of their houses, they always carry an extra pair of masks for future purposes. It can be used when the previous one gets dirty or gets lost. Also the mask can be used if the woman forgets the other time she steps out. It is always advisable to move with some precautions as precautions are always better than cure.

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