Investment in the automobile sector includes a large amount of money and therefore every person wants to have a safe investment. Customers try to invest where they can get more satisfaction with less money. A customer enquiries about thousands of questions with different dealers to have a safe deal with them. Before customers purchase their vehicle, there are some common questions they ask and few of them are mentioned below.


Mileage is the most significant factor that affects the decision making of the consumers. If the vehicle doesn't provide good mileage on spending a large amount of money, it is a waste. Customers purchase vehicles to travel long distances, and if they spend money on petrol / diesel after every short period of time, they feel disappointed and regret their decision making. Whether it is two wheeler or four wheeler, mileage is an important factor.


Another factor that matters is after sale services. Reputed /established brands usually provide after sale services such as cleaning and regular servicing of the vehicle for a specific period of time , repairing of the vehicle which usually comes under warranty and guarantee. Customers prefer those vehicles which offer services such as warranty and guarantee. These kinds of services help the potential customers to gain trust on the brand and continue their purchase from them.


Vehicles which are spacious influence people to buy them. It is because of the reason that many customers go for long road trips which require them space for their luggage and stuff. Also customers feel comfortable when they have abundant space in their vehicle. If the vehicle is compact and small, it doesn't attract people . It is because many people have travelling sickness and they need space to comfort themselves. Customers start changing their decision.


It is very important for the customer to get satisfaction. The customers gain satisfaction when they feel that they're getting enough services on spending a specific amount of money. Some brands offer less features even when the customer is spending a large amount of money. In such a case customers lose interest in the brand and look for another. Features like radio system, back camera, quality mirrors ,arm rest, airbags and many more. These are some basic facilities which everyone prefers to get when they look for an investment in automobiles.


Brand name is a very important factor which strongly affects the decision making of potential customers. It is because established brands provide all the facilities and services that customers usually look for. Established brands are reliable and have understood the consumer needs in the past. Hence they produce their products according to the needs of the consumers. Whereas new brands which are understanding the consumer needs find it impossible to give some facilities which customers usually look for. Also customers lack confidence when they think of investing in a new brand because of lack of reviews / feedback.

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