In the middle of the pandemic, there are people who want to invest in real estate for their safe and secure future without stepping out of their homes. Investing in real estates is a big decision for everyone as it includes a huge amount of money. One must know all the advantages and disadvantages of the particular area before investing into it. It is necessary as the decision impacts the whole family. To invest, people must be sure that they are making the right decision . And one can get sure, by getting positive feedback, good responses by other people who have enjoyed the facilities.

But most of the people hesitate to ask a number of questions to other people. Here comes the solution. Video reviews . Video reviews are the feedback given by people, experience shared by people because they wanted to help others. Video reviews answer most of the queries that one usually has. Customers who don't want to ask questions, can get their answers to their questions here. They can get reviews from a number of people without actually asking. Video reviews are the visual representation of things which makes it easier for the person to decide. One advantage of video reviews are they don't need any special attention and it can be seen by the whole family.

But when it comes to choosing a platform where video reviews are available, MyRevue is considered to be one of the best apps. It tagline also says #believekarnayaar which means you can trust us, friend. MyRevue is an app where customers can get the content they are looking for . The content available at MyRevue is original and authentic. MyRevue works to fulfill all the needs of its customers. This app can be used anytime, anywhere.

Below are some basic things, customers must analyze before purchasing a house.


Another important facility is the water facility. Earlier people filled their personal tanks at a particular time. Now there are properties which have the common tank of an area which help people to get water 24*7. Such kinds of facilities influence people to invest in that area as these facilities are not available everywhere. Video reviews usually tell all kinds of facilities available in a particular area.


Nearby markets are very necessary . In day to day lives people have small things and they find small nearby markets so that they can go on their own . It is not possible for everyone to go far to buy small things. Video reviews help customers know what all facilities they can get in their nearby area. Facilities like nearby malls, small markets and weekly markets are the basic necessity which everyone prefers to have near their home.


Retail shops ,stationary shops are the basic requirements of every person. When a customer looks for a new house, it also looks for nearby facilities available. Kf there are no nearby markets available, it affects a lot of investment decisions. Video reviews help capturing all the nearby facilities and reviewing these facilities.


Usually a person plans to shift to a new place when their family is complete. Schooling is the first thing that every parent looks for. If schools are far from the home, students become lethargic, therefore it is necessary to find school in nearby areas. Video reviews help customers to understand the locality and various other things.


It is very important to analyze the space of the house because some of the rooms are compact. People usually shift from one place to another to get more space. If the property is also small, there is no use of purchasing the property as it would be a complete waste of money. Spacious rooms / master bedrooms are the basic needs of every customer now-a-days as customers are willing to spend on themselves, their lifestyle, their family. It is because of the reason increased salaries increase the standard of living of people.

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