MyRevue is the perfect app for such use for reviews. It provides authentic and 100% genuine content which will be useful for both customers and brands. The app includes both product and brand reviews. MyRevue is the best app for reviews. No intermediary is involved which is the biggest advantage of the app.Video reviews are the visual representation of the products that few customers have already purchased and now wish to share their experience with millions of other people. Video reviews are very helpful as they help the potential customers judge the product from their perspective . The customer who has already bought and consumed the product explains to other people how they felt while using the product and what are the advantages of having the product or whether it is useful or not. All such information helps the potential customers to understand whether they should buy the product or not. Also a visual representation is very helpful for the customers. Reviews play a very significant role in consumers' lives as it helps them in their decision making and it also helps the customers in many ways. Other than that it also helps brands/companies to understand the consumer needs and produce the products accordingly.


Fast loading screens are vital. Nobody likes to wait, especially when all you need to see is a screen loading icon and that frustration soon turns to boredom, leading to the decision to go for something better. Speed ​​means having a decent chart set and getting large tables and databases. Keep it simple and fast.


There are three main mobile operating systems: iOS, Android, and Windows, and to get the most out of your app, it needs to be available on all of them. Android apps can easily be uploaded to the PlayStore, but iOS must be tested and tested by Apple before they can be approved in the App Store. The encoding doesn't have to be different, but you may have to deal with different screen sizes and resolutions, so be sure to test on both systems before uploading.


Internet security is becoming an increasingly important problem, as is its application. Since many applications store personal and confidential information or credit and debit card information, security is an absolute must.

Hackers can attempt to:

  1. Place malware on applications and devices where they can access data and steal lock screen passcodes

  2. Intercept confidential information transmitted over the network

  3. Steal customer data for identity theft or fraud .

  4. Acquire Personal Business Assets

All of these potential issues mean that your application security needs to be watertight, not something you have to look back on.


It sounds simple, but many applications lose this important feature considering that it is used by many users. The ability to navigate the app or the web is important, and while it doesn't work as well for game-based apps, it's essential for business and social diversity.

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