Every brand says that they treat their customers like a king but do they? And how did MyRevue helped

To run a successful business you should treat your “Customers as a King”. The customers are the only ones that will determine your value in the market. It is important to listen to every customer's needs. By giving them different options, to easy handling products and be transparent about their products. As the customer will solely decide whether the brand or product is value for money or not.

Do the brands still treat the consumer as a king?

Sadly, the answer is NO. With the ever-fast growing world the demand for products and brands is exploding. The manufactures are cutting the quality and trust of their valuable customers by producing cheap mass products. Most of the brands and producers use the same basic techniques to fool the customers.


The foremost they fool us by cutting the quality of their products by using cheap independents. The ingredients are harmful to the living either by consumption or disposal of the product.


The second strategy they use the overprice tag for trade goods. Even an essential product comes with a hefty price tag.


We know how a bag of Chips Company fools us by giving us 43% of air. That’s not only happening in the food industry it happened to us frequent essential products.

Misleading ads

We cannot forget the iconic misleading fairness cream advertisements that made us purchase the toxic products with a guarantee of fairness within weeks. And it is not a lie to say these misleading advertising are still going on the majority of our watch time.

How MyRevue did made “Customer as a King.”

MyRevue is an online platform that gives genuine customers to share their experience about the products in a 60 seconds video. In this app, customers get a chance to become an influencer by giving their honest reviews by being any bias to a product. In exchange, the reviewer will get rewards in the form of exchange coins that can be redeemed into discounts, loyalty, and vouchers products. In addition, this app has many cool and vibrant features to make your video review better.

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