Categories where you need the video review the most?

According to Google Research, 55% of consumer decides to purchase a product after watching video reviews. Video reviews are the best way to know the authenticity of a product through online shopping. Through video review, a customer can know all the detailed information about the product. It gives the virtual tangibility aspect that was lacked from text and picture reviews.

Here are some products that needed video confirmation before buying from an e-commerce platform.


Either it’s the latest smartphone or new electronic gadgets. Buying gadgets has never been an easy task. With so many options available in the market. A video review can help a customer choose by comparing different gadgets. From its design to the formation, features, and drawbacks of a gadget. And more importantly, it shows all the tricks and functions of how to use a particular electronic product.


Video reviews give the perspective to customers on what to be expected at the dealership. It forms a trustworthy between the customers and the dealer. As there are many choices of automobiles in the market a video review helps to narrow your choice to a final one. Automobile experts give their insight on what to look for in a vehicle. And what services to ask from the dealers after purchasing vehicles.

Real Estate

Whether selling or buying a property one should always do the research. It’s better to get transparency while shopping for a real state. Ask the agent realtor to show the property from every nook to corner. It will help to assess the value of the property without being cheated by property agents.

Health & Beauty

We have all been there comparing one product to another to suit our body type. Either we miss some key element or the price that made us ditch the product. To choose one product from a hundred makes us confused. Cannot decide whether choose the product that has great reviews or the product that your friend vouched for. Video review easily helps a customer to compare and to know the pros and cons without losing in the jargon of the products.

Grocery & Gourmet Foods

Needed gluten-free or sugar-free products in your weight loss program. But don’t know what it is and how to find it. A video review will help to break down the products one by one. To know how the complex carbs work in your daily digestive system.

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