With the period of time ,habits change as standard of living increases . As the income increases, people start spending more and their purchasing habits change.

One of the changes we see is people start purchasing things from different shops and sellers. Earlier people used to buy products only from specific sellers as they were scared of consumer exploitation in the market . But now we can see sellers are losing their loyal customers because they want to try new products. Earlier consumers were not aware of their rights but now they are becoming more aware of their rights and consumer protection act. According to the reports , it is noticed that 36% of the customers are trying new brands. Now customers can judge whether they should purchase the product or not. Also earlier people used to purchase more at a time and after a long period of time but now people purchase less things at a time after less period of time. Now people spend less each time they purchase but purchase regularly.

Another change in the habits of consumers is that customers are now supporting start-up brands. Earlier customers were scared of the quality of the product from small businesses and used to stick to specific brands . But now they have started supporting start ups as they can experience the quality of the product on their own. The customers now don’t get into rumours and get exposure on their own. Earlier customers used to avoid street shopping and buy from reputed brands and pepper shops but now customers are interested in street shopping . Other than middle class people ,low income groups ,it is noticed that people from high income groups are interested in street shopping .

This is the reason that many people have started giving feedback everytime they make a purchase . Earlier feedback was restricted to only the sellers for understanding consumer needs, but now there are a number of platforms where old customers can give their feedbacks ,share their experience with millions of other people. One of the platforms is MyRevue app where anyone who wants to share their experience can do it. There are no restrictions on the people. The app is a bona-fide platform and is one of the best apps which gives real reviews. The reviews are original i.e. not copied from other platforms. The app is completely consumer driven and there is no intermediary involved in between. The app provides product reviews, brand reviews and it is easy to operate.

It is also noticed that the consumers are trying products other than the essential ones. Earlier consumers used to purchase the products which were essential maybe to save the money. But now customers are purchasing fancy products ,non essential products. Customers are now purchasing products like wall hangings , frames , artworks and many more to design their home. This is one of the most recent changes . Brands are now understanding the consumer needs and producing the products according to them.

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