Every brand/ company says that they treat their customers as a king because customers are the one reason why they are able to survive in the market and society. Hence it is their duty to serve their customers property . But this is not the reality. Sometimes some brands /companies indulge in unfair practices and exploit their customers and customers get exploited due to lack of knowledge or information. But what are unfair trade practices? .Let us understand the meaning of this term .

Unfair Trade Practices means any activity or action that violates consumer protection act such as black marketing or false representation of goods and services and many more.

Below are the various ways in which consumers are exploited by sellers :


The seller sometimes shows a good quality of product or a completely different product but packs or delivers a different product which is either broken , broken or of a bad quality. In some cases, the seller has delivered rocks in place of the product ordered. It is not acceptable to consumers who have paid an amount for the same.


There are small businesses who provide fake bills or no invoice . This becomes a problem when the customer wants a refund or wants to exchange items. The same sellers do not accept their bills saying they are fake or not the bills they gave. Also there are sellers who provide incomplete invoices like invoice which doesn't contain authentic information. An invoice with no GST number is invalid . An invoice which doesn't contain proper information about the items purchased is also invalid.


Black hoarding is a practice in which a large amount of products are stored for a long period of time till their demand increases and supply decreases in the market. At that time the sellers who stocked the products sell them at a higher price than they are. This is unfair as such kind of practice is not acceptable anywhere in the world . Customers who can not pay a large amount for that product are not able to buy it whereas the people who are rich buy it at any price.

There are many more ways in which the consumers are exploited and sometimes not able to fight for their own rights. There are a number of ways in which consumers can protect themselves. One of them is prior information about the seller , the product and the product alternatives. MyRevue is a platform which can give you all the information which can help you protect yourself from unfair trade practices.


MyRevue is a platform where people can share their reviews in the form of videos . Here videos are short yet informative. People who have consumed a product or have consumed any service from any seller can share their response with millions of people.

MyRevue can help in many ways such as:

  1. Any customer who is going to buy a product from a new brand can watch the reviews at MyRevue and can find if the brand is genuine or not. They can also see if the seller is not interested in any unfair practices.

  2. If any consumer is going to buy a new product and is not familiar with it, they can see the experience of people who have used it before .

  3. If any consumer is not familiar with the usage of the product or where the product should be kept, they can refer to MyRevue, and can clear all their doubts.

  4. MyRevue tells all the minute details of the product which sometimes are either not communicated by the seller or are not there in the description.

  5. MyRevue also tells if the product is useful or not. There are many products which appear to be useful but are actually not.

  6. In case of black hoarding. MyRevue tells the product substitutes which is very close to the product, is useful and which is available at affordable prices.

  7. While buying products online, consumers get a lot of queries which cannot be solved. The reviews available online are either rigged or not complete which can clear all the doubts. MyRevue can help customers solve all their queries in a short span of time.

There are many other ways in which MyRevue can help customers protect their rights and help buy which are useful. Therefore, before purchasing any product it is advisable to visit MyRevue which can help customers solve all their queries .

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