5 ways that changed the buying habits of consumers in the last five years.

Over five years we have seen many changes in the graph of buying habits in the consumer pattern. Buyers changed from popular advertising products to subscription and customized boxes. Some key factors determine the buyers to change their way of shopping. Either gradually rise in the e-commerce or concision of the consumer or over recent the pandemic. Not only have the customers evolved, the online and offline stores updated to match the need and demands of the consumer way of shopping. By giving cashless, online, pickups, and door-to-door services. Here are some points.

Online shopping

One of the drastic ways the buying habits of consumers changed is through the presence of e-commerce. It is estimated over 75% of people shops online once a month. Either is buying essential items or a luxurious commodity a customer looks up online. The most sales-driven is through online stores. Even the physical store approached the omnichannel way.

Support the local

Today’s consumers have a greater sense of consciousness than before. They know it is important to support your local vendor and shopkeeper for a smooth flow of the economy. Around 46% of consumers are shopping in their neighborhood stores. By the growing number of local shoppers the vendors also started their business through omnichannel (online or by phone through a physical store.)

Contactless payment

Almost 40% of consumers are likely to use touch-free payments payment methods via mobile phone or credit cards. COVID 19 has made us more cautious about safety and hygiene that customers opt for cashless while shopping. To avoid person-to-person contact the stores are also offering self-service checkouts with easily accessible QR codes.

Buy less buy better philosophy

In recent years the consumer is more attentive to their surroundings. They took responsibility for the environment and society. They are now more educated and knowledgeable about their consumption. Hence, they accept the brands to be the same by being open and transparent. Brands that show their transparency through their products are consumed more than shady brands.


Every day a new product is launched to compete with the old products existing in the market. Either be online or offline. Consumers have a wide variety of options to choose from. Consumers fall for the products that give a variety of choices, discounts, after service options. Consumers try new brands and products for easy access and out of their curiosity.

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