In the middle of the pandemic, where employees were asked to work from their home , it became difficult for them to manage all the things at that time. Employees were asked to work from their comfort zone where they had no working environment. Working from home became difficult for everyone but there was no choice. Hence customers tried their best to install a small set up at their some, a working area where they can get a feel of the office and can work comfortably. This setup includes all the things which they had in their office, so that they don't have to waste time on finding things. All of them are mentioned below.


This is the most important thing which begins the work. Without laptops or personal computers, no employee can work as all the office data is stored in it and their office begins in the laptop. The employees can't start their office without their laptops in front of them . The meetings, presentations, all are done on the laptop. So the first thing which is included in the set up is a laptop. Without it, the setup is incomplete.


The second thing which is included in the mini office setup is pen stands. Every employee needs some stationary like highlighters, Pens, markers and many more. Pen stands help to organise all the stationary in a proper and sophisticated manner.


Employees have meetings with their coordinates or heads and discuss some strategies and important stuff related to their work. Their minds can store limited information, hence they need a writing pad where they can write all the necessary and useful information, so that whenever they want to look at them, they don't have to stress their mind.

  • LAMP

There are times when an important project is going on and employees are required to work late at night. It is not possible to switch the light on at night because it disturbs their room partner (which is either their spouse or siblings). At that time, employees can switch on their lights which can provide enough light to work without disturbing other people in the room.


The employees require office files attached every moment and work with the help of them. The collaborations, office statements, rules and regulations are contained in such files. Employees can not operate without their files and during their meetings they refer to such files and work forward. They are the second essential thing after laptops.

Some of the above mentioned things can be easily found at home, but some of them might not. Hence employees might want to purchase them to make their work easier. Due to lack of knowledge about these products, employees can look for these products. One of the platforms which provide feedback/ reviews is MyRevue app. It is a bona-fide platform where customers can find video reviews. Customers on this app can get the visual representation so that they can easily decide whether they should buy the product or not. The app is 100% genuine which can be trusted. One reason why MyRevue can be trusted is that the customers who have used the product give their reviews and tell the merits and demerits of the same. While other people indulge in unfair practices and upload fake reviews to gain reach and increase sales .

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