Before buying any product , customers must check a few things about the product , because the decision will affect the customers for a longer period of time. Also whenever the customer spends money to buy a product, he/she expects equal satisfaction in return. If the customer doesn’t derive it , they will regret their decision. Hence to enjoy the future benefits of the product ,customers should wisely choose the product. Here are some small tips which can help customers in buying a good product:


One of the ways to judge the product is through its packaging. Packaging is the first impression of the product. If the packaging of the product is bad or of average quality, it gives a hint to the customer that the product is not of good quality. Customers should not but the product if they find the packing is broken or not packed properly they should be. Because packaging might not matter in small products but when it comes to expensive or big products, it matters a lot.


If the product is not functioning properly, customers should drop the idea of purchasing the product. There is no point in buying the product which doesn’t work properly or are not able to provide the significant ones. Customers should always check all the necessary details about the product or ask the seller about all the functions of the product.

  • USES

It is another important aspect which should be cleared before purchasing the product. Sometimes products appear to be useful but later prove to be a waste of money. To save money, customers must check if the product is useful and how it operates. If customers find that only technicians are able to operate it, they shouldn't buy because technicians always use their own products and the product purchased will be useless.


Customers should always look for after sale services. These are some advantages which are provided by the seller after a customer purchases a product. If this advantage is not provided by the seller ,the customer must not buy the product for that particular purpose because it will result in profits to the seller and loss to the consumer. What after sale services customers should look for :

  • Either warranty or guarantee of the product

  • Discounts

  • Future repairs

  • Details on how to operate the product


Pricing of the product begins the decision making. It is only favorable to proceed when your pockets allow you. Sometimes due to rise in demand, it takes time to match the supply. Customers can either buy the product at that point of time, if they think they can or can postpone their decision. One should only purchase a product if they think spending an amount of money will satisfy them. Because if customers don't get satisfaction, they will always regret their decision.


One must check both the reliability of the product and reliability of the brand. If the brand is not reliable, then it is assumed that their products will also not be reliable. Reliability is of utmost priority. Product reliability is also important because now-a-days there are companies which are producing duplicate products which are very close to the original product. They are cheaper in price and quality is also cheap. Therefore product quality is necessary to check.


One way of checking the past performance of the product or the brand is to refer to the experience of the people who have already purchased a product or consumed a service. MyRevue is an app where people share their experience with millions of other people in the form of short videos. Short videos are very helpful as they are authentic and genuine . It is believed by thousands of people that it tells the real reviews can be fully trusted.


The customers should make sure that they are purchasing the product from a reliable brand and it will help you in the future if any problem occurs. It is because there are multiple companies /brands that are selling similar / closed products which can be used as a substitute for another. Sometimes people buy from a random brand thinking that the product is similar to the product of a reputed brand and the prices are also low. But these things matter when the customer starts using the product and later finds it is of poor quality. Therefore it is always advisable to buy a product from a reputable company which can provide you with many after sale services.


Customers should always enquire about the durability of the product because one always purchases a product to consume it for a longer period of time. If the durability is short and it doesn't match with the price, one should leave the idea of purchasing that product because it would be a waste of money. One product should always be durable otherwise customers would have to spend a large amount of money consecutively. If the product is durable ,it increases the trust with the brand and in future you can rely on the same brand for future purchases. Let us know how can you check if the product is durable or not :

  • If the temperature of the product increases in a short period of time, then it is not durable.

  • If the product needs regular charging, it is not good .

  • If the product is slow, or takes time to operate, it should not be purchased.


Customers should always check if the product needs any regular maintenance or not. It is because of the reason that some products need regular pricing and if not received gets damaged quickly. One must ensure that the customers will be able to maintain the product, otherwise there will be no point in buying the product.

Customers can get all these details on one platform which is MyRevue app. It is a new platform which provides video reviews to its customers. It's a bona-fide platform. The app is completely consumer driven, that is the feedbacks are given by customers and viewed by the customers, there is no intermediary involved in between. The reviews are genuine. There are review websites which pay people to give fake reviews, but MyRevue app is far away from such kinds of activities. Customers get a personal touch from such videos which helps them to believe the app. The app is working in the interest of their customers.

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